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  • Dove Bar Image

    How do you see yourself?

    I came across this video the other day and thought it was amazing. I know that personally, I am my own worst critic, not only in how I view myself but also in seeing the value of my work/creations/photography. So I wanted to share it …

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  • I Am Sorry 02

    A Public Apology From Pro Photo Support

    Pro Photo Support was originally launched as a paid membership website in the fall 2012. Unfortunately, we shut Pro Photo Support down just a few months after we had officially launched. The reason we shut the site down is because we had just finished a …

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  • Google 1997

    Keep it simple with web design | Google vs Lingscars

    We’ve all heard the saying before, “less is more”, but is it really? When it comes to designing your website the tendency is to plaster every decent photo that you’ve ever taken in your life, onto your galleries page, in hopes that you’ll get a …

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  • Sandisk CF Card Mis Label

    Sandisk Mislabeled 8GB CF Cards With 16GB Label and Packaging

    Check your memory cards! I bought 2 – 16GB Sandisk Extreme CF Cards from Best Buy for a wedding we shot this past weekend. Guess what? Even though they were labeled as 16GB cards they actually only had 8GB of storage. Looks like somebody at …

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  • Facebook – The Things That Connect Us Video – The Dumbest Video Ever

    Wow! What a great video! I mean it’s no surprise. Facebook has over 1 Billion users and Billions of dollars, why wouldn’t they create the best marketing video EVER, as their first advertisement ever?! The video looks so cool. The music is so emotional. The robotic female voice had …

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  • Pro Pphoto Support 50k Views

    Over 50,000 Views on YouTube

    Holy Cow! Our YouTube video hit 50,000 views today! Many of you may not know this but a little over 2 years ago I posted a video on YouTube about an idea that I had called “Pro Photo Support”. It was emotional looking back at …

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  • Screengrap 2012 09 22 At 12.11.42 AM

    You Never Know Who’s Watching

    I’m SO stoked right now!!!! This is an incredible story of a band who made a music video in their Honda. Honda executives then discovered the video on youtube and the rest is history. I actually shed a few tears on this one. Check out the …

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  • Ginsu

    *Photographer Challenge*

    Welcome to our first photographers challenge! Here’s the challenge, come up with fresh way to say “Capture” without using the word CAPTURE. About two years ago, we noticed that every photography website was starting to look the same, ours included. The sites all looked the …

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  • Plan It

    How To Plan It

    Whether you’re a new photographer, or you’ve been in business for the last 10 or 15 years, you should never stop discovering, learning, applying, and innovating your business. As Bob Dylan sang back in 1964 “Times are a-changin’”, and that is just as true today as it was back then. The moment you stop assessing and innovating your business is the moment that your business begins down the slippery slope no longer being relevant. Below are some assessment questions that will get you thinking about the vision for your photography business. When you own your own business, it should be a reflection of who you are. This is a beautiful thing; because, you get to make the call on EVERYTHING. Nobody gets to boss you around and tell you what you can or can’t do. It’s also very scary and overwhelming at times. That’s why having a plan from the start is SO important!

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  • What Do You Call Your Photos

    What do you call your photos?

    This is a discussion started by one of our members who wrote: Maybe , Im confusing people by calling it digital negatives? lol Maybe I should change it to CD package or something like that? I personally find my self using all of the following …

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