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We help new photographers start their own photography business.

My name is Matt and I am a pro photographer. My wife, Shayna, and I own Taproot Photography, a successful photography business that we started in 2008 with no business loans and no debt. Our first year in business we produced $100,000 in revenue and I’m happy to say that our photo business is still debt free today. Starting a photography business is extremely difficult and not for the faint of heart, but we did it and we want to show you how you can do it too. We made a lot of mistakes along the way, and we wasted a lot of our hard earned money on what turned out to be gimmicks and let downs. We also found some amazing tools along the way, and in the process we developed a workflow that documents every aspect of how our business operates.

We found it extremely hard to get help from other “Professional Photographers” when we first started. Maybe you’ve experienced the same cold shoulder when you have visited your local camera store. Starting our photography business reminded me of the stupid cliques in high school. I felt like I was trying to fit in with the cool kids. Finally I just said “Screw It!  I’ll do things my way.”, and I did. I’m thankful now that we did it this way. I think it helped us to not get stuck in the old school style of photography. We were forced to make our own way, to find our own path.

I first want to let you know that I really am grateful for your help. Honestly, the help you gave me probably saved me months of research. I am even more excited now to get things moving!
-Leilani, Savannah, GA (A New Photographer)

I love sharing knowledge, I especially love to share tips and tricks with other photographers. I always find myself teaching new photographers things that I have learned along the way. So, a little over a year ago I decided to launch a website that would help me to share everything that I have learned about photography and about running a successful photography  business. I wanted it to be like an ongoing workshop, a place where photographers could come anytime and learn more about photography, a place where photographers could connect with other photographers, a place where new photographers could find support. is the website where all of this comes together.

Just as babies grow to be teenagers and eventually into adults, I know that new photographers will eventually grow into old photographers. My hopes are that we can create an ecosystem based around sharing and community so that, when the new photographers become the old photographers, they’ll be willing to share their experience and knowledge with the next generation of new photographers. Pro Photo Support, a place where you can grow as a new photographer.

We would love for you to be part of our community. With over 6,000 photographers from around the world already signed up, our community is growing stronger every day.

*We take your privacy very seriously and promise to never share your private info.

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