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  • Close It

    Close It

    You should be extremely excited right now, you just finished 99% of the Photo Biz Workflow.  Now all that’s left is to capitalize on the amazing job that you just did and then archive your photo shoot. For every client that you serve, there are …

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  • 11 Ship It2

    Ship It

    There is no better way to impress your clients and increase the perceived value of your final product than to use premium packaging with your own branding. It let’s your clients know that you are serious about what you’re doing. It gives your business credibility, …

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  • Receive It

    Receive It

    In this step of the Photo Biz Workflow we’ll discuss the Receive It process. Receive It, is all about inspecting the items you have ordered.   The main thing to remember during this step is to pay close attention to the details. You want to make …

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  • Order It

    Order It

    In this section of the Photo Biz Workflow we’ll discuss how to order it. Ordering your products is a very meticulous process. It’s extremely important that you are working in a place with very few distractions during this step. Don’t answer your phone, don’t check …

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  • Design It

    Design It

    In this section of the Photo Biz Workflow, we’ll discuss how to design it. The main things that we’ll design as photographers are going to be albums, canvas gallery wraps, and greeting cards. This can be one of the most difficult parts of the Photo …

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  • Check It

    Check It

    Check It Before You Wreck It This is the point in the Photo Biz Workflow that you are going to be finalizing your photo edits, exporting your final images, doing minor blemish removal and making sure that your exposure and white balance are spot on. …

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  • 6 Post It1

    Post It

    Intro – Telling the Story To be successful as a photographer, you have to learn how to tell a story through the lens of your camera. However to run a successful photography business you need to learn how to tell another story well, the story …

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  • Show It1

    Show It

    Intro – The Big Show The ordering appointment: This is where it all happens. The big show. This is the most crucial part of the whole process. There are some photographers that opt out of this part because of the fear of having to “sell” …

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  • Edit It

    Edit It

    There’s a very specific folder hierarchy that I use for every photo shoot. Pro Photo Support members can download the “Photo Shoot Folder Hierarchy Template” for free here. If you haven’t joined Pro Photo Support yet you can purchase the ZIP file in our store. …

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  • Shoot It4

    Shoot It

    Be Yourself It’s important that you develop your own creative style of photography. Don’t be afraid to push boundaries and limitations, especially those put on you by others. BE YOURSELF. With that said, I’m not going to show you how to do a photo shoot. …

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