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    Book It

    Intro Your Website is THE CONVERSION TUNNEL, don’t ever forget that. It’s not a random, unorganized, pamphlet-esc online brochure. It is not for informational purposes only. Your website should be alive, and active. It should have a voice, it should have a personality. It’s kind …

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  • Build It

    Build It

    Before you can start booking shoots you need to build a few things for the foundation of your business. First, you need to do a few photo shoots to build your portfolio. To get your first real photo shoots under your belt, I suggest contacting …

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  • Macintosh Hd

    How to show-display “Macintosh HD” on Mac Desktop | Fresh install or upgrage of OS X.

    Finder To display “Macintosh HD” on your Desktop. Simply click on “Finder” in the “Dock” and then click on “Finder” in the toolbar to display a drop down menu. Then click on “Preferences”. Finder Preferences Next, under “Show these items on the desktop:” Place a …

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