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Welcome Beta

Welcome To The Official Beta Launch

Over the weekend we finally launched the Beta version of Pro Photo Support. Yipee!!! It has been an extremely long and arduous journey to get here, but we finally made it. We have been working on Pro Photo Support for over 2 years and we’re chomping at the bits for you to see the amazing resource that we have created for you.

Over the course of the next week we will be sending out V.I.P. invitations to the 1st phase of the Private Beta. We have close to 6,000 photographers that signed up for the beta and we’ll be sending out 1,000 V.I.P. invites during this 1st phase. As we mentioned in the sign up form, those who have referred the most people will be the first to get access to Pro Photo Support. It’s not too late to get in on the V.I.P. list though, so make sure that you invite every photographer that you know.

The second phase of the Beta will be open to the public. During this phase we will still be beta testing the site, but access to the site will be open to the public. The pubic beta will last about 1 month. At the end of the public beta, if we feel like the site is stable enough to go 100% live, we will have the launch party. The launch party is going to be amazing! We’ve teamed up with some of the biggest names in the photography industry to sponsor the official launch of Pro Photo Support. You know what that means, GIVEAWAYS!!! That’s right we’re going to have thousands of dollars in giveaways and a grand prize that will knock your socks off. We’ll be announcing more about the giveaways in the next week, but you can start increasing your chances of winning, starting now.

There is no purchase necessary to win and when you sign up for Pro Photo Support you’re automatically entered into the giveaways. However, you can increase your chances of winning; here’s how, every person that you refer to Pro Photo Support counts as an additional entry into the giveaway. Also, every person you have referred up to this point will count as an additional entry as well. So, some people already have over 100 entries into the giveaway. If you haven’t started referring your photography friends yet, now’s the time to do it. The more people you refer, the better your odds of winning one of the many prizes that we will be giving away at the official launch of Pro Photo Support.

Thanks for being patient with us as we have been building this amazing resourse for you. We know that you will be more successful with the skills and tools that we will show you. Here’s to your success!

All the best,
Matt Hobbs
Owner – Pro Photo Support

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